About Kodiak Veterinary Clinic

About Kodiak Veterinary Clinic in Kodiak

Located on Alaska’s remote “Emerald Isle”, the Kodiak Veterinary Clinic has been providing veterinary services to the residents of Kodiak Island, and surrounding areas for over 40 years.  You should not have to compromise when choosing treatment for your loved ones, including pets. We strive to provide you with the best quality care for your pet at an affordable cost because we don’t believe it should have to be one or the other.  

In 1968, Dr. Mike Cathey became the first full-time resident veterinarian on Kodiak Island, and operated the Kodiak Veterinary Clinic till 1978. On Jan 1st, 1979 Dr. David Colwell took ownership of the clinic, eventually building and moving into a new facility in April of 1984, where the current clinic still resides. After 27 years of practicing veterinary medicine on the Alaska frontier, Dr. Colwell sold the Kodiak Veterinary Clinic to Dr.’s Jeff & Angie Johnson (formerly at Great & Small Animal Care Center in Kodiak and Four Paws Animal Hospital in Eagle River) on Sept. 1st, 2006. The Johnsons’, having provided a combined 46 years of veterinary service (mostly in AK), officially retired in June of 2013, handing the reigns of the practice over to their associates Dr. Melissa Smith and Dr. Christine Smith. Dr. Melissa and Dr. Chris look forward to continuing a long legacy of providing quality and compassionate care to patients of the Kodiak Veterinary Clinic.