Pet Euthanasia

Animal euthanasia helping hands

The inevitable fact of pet ownership is that most likely, we as pet owners will outlive our dearest of companions It is our mission as Veterinary providers to help our clients provide the highest quality of life for their pets, as well as assisting the client with all the information necessary to assess a pet’s quality of life during difficult times. Whether severe complications persist due to old age, traumatic injury or illness, the Kodiak Veterinary Clinic can ensure a peaceful, humane, and loving end to your pet’s pain and suffering.

Understandably, most pet owners never contemplate end of life scenarios regarding their pets.& Our goal is to present our clients with all of the pertinent information in regards to the euthanasia services provided by the Kodiak Veterinary Clinic. To clarify every aspect of our service an explanation of services are listed below:

Euthanasia is a medical procedure conducted by a Veterinarian to ease the pain and suffering of a pet. If there is a medical condition that is treatable, it is the Veterinarian’s purpose to ensure that the client is well informed before making the final decision in regards to their pet’s medical care. A consultation with the attending Veterinarian is required prior to the administration of the euthanasia drug. The drug used for the euthanasia procedure is a controlled substance, and must be administered by a licensed individual in a controlled environment. (It is illegal for the euthanasia drug to be dispensed to an unlicensed individual for at-home use.)

The Kodiak Veterinary Clinic does not offer at-home euthanasia services or allow patients to be dropped off for euthanasia without a prior consultation with a veterinarian.


The fee for euthanasia services includes the following costs:

  • Consultation with the attending Veterinarian
  • Cost of the Euthanasia drug and its’ administration.
  • Cost of supplies used for the procedure, and the proper disposal of those supplies.


Client participation is required at least through the consultation process. Once the consultation has been completed, the client has the option to be present (or not) depending on their desired level of participation during the appointment.

The Client also has the option to have the pet sedated prior to the administration of the euthanasia drug for an additional fee. Sedation can be administered so that the patient is asleep, resting peacefully prior to the euthanasia procedure.


Once the euthanasia procedure has been performed, the client has three options in regards to their pet’s remains:

  • The Client may take the remains home for burial at no charge.
  • The Client may opt for a “Private” Cremation (The pet’s remains will be cremated, and the ashes will be returned to the Client in an Urn.)
  • Or-the Client may opt for a “Group” Cremation (The pet’s remains will be cremated, but the ashes will be disposed by the cremation facility.)


The Kodiak Veterinary Clinic uses the Kodiak Island Borough Incinerator facilities for all cremation and disposal services. All cremation arrangements are handled by the Kodiak Veterinary Clinic, and cremation appointments are coordinated accordingly with Borough facilities personnel.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding euthanasia or cremation services, please do not hesitate to contact our office for more information.