Pet Care

Advanced pet care.

Domestic and International Health Certification for Travel:

Health Certificates for pets are often required for traveling off-island. Always contact the local Ferry terminal or airline ticket counter at the Kodiak Airport to ask for the most up to date animal health certification requirements before contacting the Kodiak Veterinary Clinic to schedule your pet’s Health Certificate appointment. In some cases, legal proof of rabies vaccination may be sufficient if you will be traveling within the State of Alaska.

A Health Certificate is a legal document issued by a licensed and accredited U.S.D.A. Veterinarian on behalf of the Office of the State Veterinarian stating that he or she has inspected the animal prior to travel. The primary purpose behind the Health Certification process, is to ensure that the traveling pet is in good health, does not show any signs of communicable or infectious disease, and that all vaccination, treatment, and diagnostic requirements of the destination state or nation are being met.

Health Certificates issued in the State of Alaska are only valid for 30 days. However, airlines, and other transportation carriers, as well as the states of destination may restrict the validity of Health Certificates for a much shorter time period. For example, the State of Hawaii will only recognize a Health Certificate issued within 14 days of arrival, and some airlines will only recognize Health Certificates issued within 10 days’ of travel.

To further complicate the process, each state in the United States has its’ own laws in regards to Rabies Vaccination protocols. Most states recognize Rabies Vaccinations administered within the last three years as being current, however there are several states that require a Rabies Vaccination to be administered within 12 months prior to entry regardless of prior vaccination protocols.

To avoid potential problems, we highly recommend that all health certificate appointments be conducted within 10 days of departure from Kodiak in case of possible travel delays due to weather or transportation service interruption (mechanical failures, etc.) We also recommend contacting our office as soon as your travel arrangements have been made in order to schedule your pet’s Health Certification appointment.

Please Note: Intended International Travel often requires 4-8 months notification to your Veterinarian. All International Certification requires U.S.D.A.-APHIS Federal Veterinarian endorsement as well as possible endorsements/entry permits from your destination country. Some countries require Rabies Titer Testing, microchipping, as well as stringent vaccination and parasite treatment protocols. Failure to provide ample and proper notification may result in failure to obtain health certification for travel.


Dog Licensing:

The Kodiak Veterinary Clinic is one of three places in Kodiak you may purchase a City/Borough License for your dog. The fee for an altered dog is $10, and for intact dogs is $35. The license is good for each calendar year. You may also purchase your dog’s City/Borough License at the Kodiak Police Department, or at the Kodiak Animal Shelter. Proof of current Rabies Vaccination is required.


Toe Nail Trims, Anal Gland Expressions, Fluid Care Administration Assistance:

Our Veterinary Technicians would be more than happy to help trim your pets’ toe nails, express their glands, or assist with subcutaneous fluid administration. Please contact our office during normal business hours to schedule an appointment with one of our Technicians. Our Technicians would also be more than happy to demonstrate/teach proper technique to any client during one of these appointments. If you are interested in knowing how to do any of these tasks at home, please do not hesitate to ask-we’d love to help!!!