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Living in rural Alaska has its' benefits-a slower pace of life, a great sense of community, complimented by some of the most breathtaking scenery and wildlife on the planet. However, with those positives, there are always negatives. Island life does come with some certain quirks!

As pet owners, we are very fortunate to not have to deal with a lot of the dangers that face pets in many other parts of the country. Without a natural occurrence of fleas, ticks, or heartworm pets on Kodiak Island are very lucky, indeed! Unfortunately, life in a small, rural, and remote area of Alaska limits pet owner's ability to find quality pet supplies and general care products that are more readily available in larger urban areas.

At the Kodiak Veterinary Clinic, we are always looking to utilize our dedicated passion for quality pet care to improve the services we provide our patients and clients. With such limited options available to our clients, it only seemed natural that the Kodiak Veterinary Clinic could answer those needs.

In September of 2012, the Kodiak Veterinary Clinic opened up the Kodiak Pet Supply store located in the other half of the Vet Clinic building. The Kodiak Pet Supply has dedicated its' focus to deliver premium quality nutrition and supplementation to improve our patients overall health. We feature a menu of diets that delivers proper nutrition, made with the highest quality of ingredients that are processed with the highest degree of integrity and industry standards. Along with proper nutrition, the Kodiak Pet Supply also features highly nutritious, all natural, American made Treats, fun and exciting Toys & Games, Behavioral/Training equipment, Pet Accessories and Outdoor Gear, Grooming Supplies, and a whole lot more!

With access to multiple distributors and various methods of shipping, the Kodiak Pet Supply has been able to maintain lower pricing and offer numerous in-house specials, promotions, and discounts on much of our inventory.
If there is a special product or item that you are looking for, don't hesitate to ask! We'd be happy to assist you with finding the best options available and order it thru our Special Order process.

For more information about the Kodiak Pet Supply, feel free to contact the store at (907) 512-6056 or email us at